2 global problems:

Pollution & Traffic jams

• Over 630,000 people die from pollution every year in the European Union.
• Pollution contributes to 13% of deaths in Europe (19% in Romania).
• Time lost in traffic amounts to 218 hours per driver yearly in Bucharest.

Our solution

ECONOS collaborates with Teamway, a smart corporate carpooling mobile app matching drivers with passengers commuting from home to the office.

How does it work?


• Encourages punctuality at work
• Reduces the amount of parking spaces
• Creates bonds between carpoolers
• Innovative benefit for employees
• Eco-friendly
1. Companies pay Teamway 2 EUR per ride (with a monthly minimum billing of 1,000 EUR).
2. Teamway redistributes 1 EUR per ride to drivers, as an incentive

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